Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pick The Next Lumpy Reaction to a Poker!!

As everyone here knows, EP3 is in production. One of the new features we added to EP2 was specific Lumpy reactions to pokers. This was done for the Joy Buzzer!

After shooting this Episode, Lumpy told us he thought that the experience of acting with the Joy Buzzer "expanded his acting horizons". Later his Agent came in demanding more "roles" like that.

So we are not in breach in contract, we find ourselves once again catering to his royal blueness. He is a Star after all!

EP3 will introduce 3 new Lumpy reactions to Pokers. For each upcoming episode, we'll also introduce newer Lumpy reactions.

We've already selected 2 of them:
  • Who's Bad? (MJ Hand)
  • Brain Food (Zombie Hand) locked item in EP2
We'd like to find out from you, what you'd like to see.

Here is the complete list of current Pokers:

Pilot Episode Pokers

Pokers Added in EP2

Not sure what a Lumpy reaction to a Poker looks like? Check out this video. The Joy Buzzer is in action near the end of the video.

Or gander at this. This little video shows you the what the "normal" poke reactions look like. I'll post something later which shows Who's Bad before and after being changed!

We're also running this on TouchArcade ... where we'll be giving out some promocodes. So check here for deets on that!

So give us your suggestions and your favorite Pokers will get priority to get done first!


  1. well seeing as the only full featured pokers are all from EP2 ill cast my vote for one of my favs from the pilot EP "dont fear the reaper" i can only think of what you crazy devs will come up with that one :D

  2. Here's where I'd insert my Mr. Burns "Excellent" imitation...