Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lumpy Even Does Laundry!

Color me impressed, because Lumpy is still chipping in at the apartment!

At first I thought it would be a passing fad. But he really seems committed to a career in cleaning. Lumpy told me that his new buddies have been very encouraging. Claiming he's a natural. And that it's the perfect side job to have when you're an actor, because you can get cleaning gigs between your acting ones. They also added that if he gets acting roles in other cities or countries, they may have cleaning jobs at those locales that they could hook him up with.

So this morning, I found Lumpy doing my laundry. Which I found extra impressive. Since, as you probably could tell, Lumpy really doesn't have clothes. So I figured he'd draw the boundary at laundry. But I was wrong.

When I asked my blue pal why the sudden urge to do laundry, he curtly replied "I was told I needed to branch out and launder things." Apparently he is expecting to being doing a lot of laundry in the near future ... because he was also asking me where all the 24 hour Laundromats are in San Francisco.

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