Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Help Us Name the "Dentist Day" Holiday Contest!

Lumpy is pleased as punch that we're in the top 100 Entertainment apps. He suggested that we have a little contest to celebrate!

EP3 has a bunch of new Holiday themes to purchase. One of them is what we are simply calling Dentist Day. Lumpy Agent told us the other day "My client thinks the name Dentist Day is too straightforward and does not represent the depth and complexity my client is portraying in the QuitIt! experience."

After receiving a few blank stares his Agent said "He wants it to have a new name." Options such as "Tooth Day" and "My Toothy Ouchy Day" surfaced. None of which pleased his royal blueness. So Lumpy thought, why not ask my fans to help out?

Help us rename Dentist Day! Leave suggestions here or on our thread at Touch Arcade here. We'll give away 3 promocodes to the best names!

If you already have a copy of QuitIt!, you can still participate. Lumpy says "Sharing is caring." ... so give that promocode to a friend and help us let even more people know about QuitIt!


  1. MY TA name is Bronson15 and 1 guy stole my Cinco de Molar idea. FYI

  2. ;) the Hermanator has you covered! You should see him post in a few and give you the creds to Cinco de Molar. BTW, very funny!

  3. Note to Anonymous ... we deleted your comment. Anonymous basically stated Lump was a certain expletive.

    Even tho we here love Lumpy, we can understand that not everyone will like him. We only deleted the comment since we really don't want that type of language on our blog. But I noted this in my comment so your voice could still be heard.

    If you don't like him ... let us know what you don't like about him, and maybe we can improve him even more.

  4. The Floss of July! I also posted this on TA FYI

  5. Those are good ones too! Herman has them recorded!

  6. How About, "The Day I opened up my wallet, and all the bills flew out...."

    Or, "Open Up and Say Broke Day"

  7. Can you feed lumpy vegatebles and he doesn't like them and then is sick.

  8. ErichD, we got your entries!

    Mr. Crazy! yep. I was thinking of maybe making the first item a can of beans. You can figure out the rest ;). He'll, of course, like to eat the beans....