Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lumpy Gives Back!

People may remember that we mentioned that there was a secret gift in QuitIt! for everyone. We weren't sure if there was, but both Lumpy and his Agent kept insisting there was one. How could an intergalactic ambassador of Good Will possibly lie to us?

This morning, Lumpy woke me up at the crack of dawn and demanded I change the in store icon to the app. Half asleep, I begrudgingly did so. And after I hit "Save Changes" I actually took a look at it.

Are my eyes deceiving me?

I'm not quite sure how he did it, but he got it in there. And as proof, he gave me this screenie.

Which leads to the two big questions...

How did he get it in there with out me knowing and where is the thing hidden?

Hmm, but the mystery has been solved! It's hidden here!


  1. first let me say that i am a huge fan of quitit and i may one day name my first born son lumpy....second let me just say thank you so much for all of your hard work into making episode 2, one of the best update to an app in the history of apps anyway, ive been paking hours into this app trying to figure out the last secret, and here it is! anyword on when it will be released to the actuall app its self? thanks again, and keep up the good work

  2. Hiya, thanks for the post. Lumpy is utterly humbled by your compliments! Lumpy adds that we'll be posting a FAQ up shortly on how to unravel the mystery of his gift to his fans. Oops, his blueness just gave me a look that says, "Post the FAQ already!" So, stay tuned. We should have the FAQ up later today!