Friday, October 16, 2009

A New Friend for Lumpy!

In EP2 - Shock and Oww, we introduced a friend for Lumpy ... Clappy the Monkey! Clappy was a pioneer in a couple of ways. First, he was interactive. You could pick him up, throw him around, and even feed him to Lumpy. And maybe some of you also figured out that if you used the LET'S GO BANANAS!! Poker, Lumpy would follow it! And run away from the JOY BUZZER! Clappy also was the first of Gifts that make Lumpy happy!

EP3 will introduce a new interactive Gift for Lumpy. Meet Lumpy's new friend...

This lil' fella doesn't have a name yet. And we're looking to you to help name him! And what's this lil' fella do? He's a toy dog. A futuristic one at that! Maybe the sort you find on Zgrunturos? Does this dog do tricks? You betcha! I guess you could consider him Lumpy's pet ... don't worry he's house broken! Hmm, do we even know if he's a he!?

To make it more interesting, we're going to give out promo codes with the naming as well. We're working out the deets on this one, but we'll be giving out 3 promo codes for the best name candidates. Depending on the number of suggestions, we may take it to the polls to select the top 3!

Leave your suggestions here or on our thread in Touch Arcade.

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