Sunday, October 4, 2009

Episode 3 is Underway!

As soon as I hit the submit button for EP2, Lumpy did two things. First he said"Lumpi ha pho tabetai". Then he he said "EP3 itsu ka?" As if on cue, his Agent stuck his head in the doorway and said "He says when's EP3?" and then quickly disappeared.

As his royal blueness requested, we've been hard at work last week planning out Episode 3 for QuitIt! We plan on trying to get in some Halloween treats in this one ... which also means getting the update out in October! This will definitely be a challenge since it means we need to submit around mid-October.

Here's a quick rundown on what we have planned for EP3:
  • A new minigame
  • More poker specific Lumpy animations
  • More interactive gifts
  • More Accessories to dress Lumpy up in
  • More wacky user themes
  • Open Feint support
  • And more stuff to be revealed later!
The details are a bit vague now, but we'll fill them in soon! Also remember, our updates are FREE!

As with the last update, I'll add the hyperlinks to other postings relating to EP3 in this posting. You can click on the reporter Lumpy icon for EPISODE 3 on the sidebar to the right.

Lumpy and the production staff here at 2n are listening to your comments! Feel free to leave suggestions or feature requests in these postings. Or leave a comment if you just want to say "Hi!". Lumpy loves making new friends!

Monday's EP3 Update ... Who's Badder? Updated 10/12/2009!
Monday's EP3 Update ... The Perfect Storm Updated 10/19/2009!
Thursday's EP3 Update Updated 10/22/2009!
EP3 Update - Lumpy's Got Some New Moves! Updated 10/23/2009!
Monday's EP Update Updated 10/26/2009!
Meet Zynx! Updated 10/27/2009!
EP3 Beta Underway! 11/01/2009!
Meet Zynx Part 3 ... and Monday's EP3 Update 11/02/2009!
Friday's EP Update 11/06/2009!
Monday's EP3 Update 11/09/09!
Wednesday's EP3 Update! 11/11/09!
EP3 - Lumpy's Best Friend - Submitted! 11/16/09!
Episode 3 - Lumpy's Best Friend is OUT! 12/02/09!


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  2. how do i unlock accesories for Lumpy? (Fudgeboy)

  3. I sent you a PM about that ... lemme know if that answers ur questions for you!

  4. yes it does, thanks.

  5. i find the walk the plank achievemnet very hard, any tips?

  6. Although there are no surefire way to unlock Walk the Plank, here's what I normally do and I’m usually able to successfully unlock it within 3-5 attempts.

    I use my right index finger for flicking the Lumpy Ohhs. I found that the most important aspect of flicking the box is not to press too hard on the screen when flicking.

    Place the Lumpy Ohhs to the left of Lumpy but still on the rug (looking at the screen, the Lumpy Ohhs is to the left of Lumpy on the MENU button side of the screen).

    Your goal is to have the Lumpy Ohhs hit the right wall just above the upper right corner of the screen. As you flick the Lumpy Ohhs across Lumpy's body (the path should be between Lumpy’s eyes) , you also want to make sure that the Lumpy Ohhs flies straight and does not arc.

    Note: If the Lumpy Ohhs begin to arc, this is an indicator that you did not flick the box correctly.

    Hope this helps!!

  7. I cannot figure out how to ge the lumpy chew toy AT ALL


  8. To get the Lumpy Chew Toy, use the Poker MINI ME and poke Lumpy at least 100 times. Let us know if you have any other questions! We'll be posting more info about Zynx too!