Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday's EP3 Update

We've come to another EP3 Monday update! This will hopefully be the last Monday update for EP3! Over the weekend, we've been getting in a lot of artwork. We've also been putting in more of our Achievement and Secrets support. This includes Open Feint integration. The OF system and our system pretty much match, so if OF isn't your schtick, then you won't be affected. Right now, we're currently testing it internally and will very shortly give it to our Beta Testers!

While there are still a slew of issues we need to handle before submission, it should be very soon. And now that Lumpy's washed off all that flour, he's been running around like a school kid. I guess after quasi-hibernation ... you have lots of energy!


  1. How do you use the unlockable animation for the Joy Buzzer?

  2. You're talking about how to trigger it or unlock it?

    To unlock:

    To trigger:

    Does that help?