Monday, November 2, 2009

Lumpy Takes the Pho Garden Challenge!

Life around Lumpy, for the most part, has been a pleasant experience. Learning about a new alien culture is not an opportunity that everyone gets. But sometimes, we also end up learning about the quirks of another culture. And in the case of Zgrunturians, one of the bigger quirks is the sheer volume of food they go through each day.

In normal circumstances, this would not be a problem. But as luck would have it, Lumpy forgot to pack his microfusion powercells for his food replicator. Since then, we've had to find Earth food that he could eat. Which really hasn't been too much of a problem. Except for people around the office. On a fateful day back in August, our blue buddy was introduced to a dish called pho. To say he likes it would be an understatement. Ever since then, Lumpy has demanded pho nearly every day.

As of late, it's really taken it's toll on everyone. As mealtime roles around, everyone suddenly has a reason to be somewhere else. And who's left to handle the dietary needs of our Star? Yours truly. Normally, I'm a fan of pho. Really, I actually like it quite a bit. But after multiple meals of pho ... daily ... how would you feel?

Just when I was feeling I was reaching my wits end, I discovered something ... big. In San Francisco, there is a restaurant called Pho Garden. At Pho Garden, they have what is called the Pho Garden Challenge. And just what is this challenge? Try 2 pounds of noodles and 2 pounds of combination beef with tripe! If you can finish that ginormous bowl of pho within 60 minutes ... it's on them. For me, it wasn't about getting a free bowl of pho. It was about teaching his royal blueness that too much of a good thing isn't always good!

And just what happened when Lumpy took the Pho Garden Challenge? The full story can be found on our website here.

And if you want to check our more pics of Lumpy in action during the challenge ... go here!

Pho Garden is located at 2109 Clement Street in San Francisco, CA. Deets on Pho Garden and the Pho Garden Challenge can be found on their website: