Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lumpy's LA Twilight Premiere Sighting a Hoax!?

Yesterday, we had quite the incident with Lumpy's Agent storming into our offices raising a stink about some paparazzi pictures of Lumpy at the Twilight sequel's movie premiere in LA. Lumpy's Agent is usually one cool character, so it was a little surprising to see him that emotional.

So today, when Lumpy's Agent returned, people weren't too sure what to expect. And after hiding the last of the bagels, everyone quietly slinked off to work on EP4. Much to everyone's surprise his first words were "I'm sorry Lumpy."

As it turns out, the pictures of Lumpy were fake. An overzealous fan (?) apparently made use of Photoshop to composite our boy Lumpy into last year's premiere pictures. All this in order to shakedown Lumpy's Agent for a little blackmail money.

Upon hearing this, Lumpy's reaction was a bit scary. He started spouting off about how he should talk to this guy Montezuma since he apparently knows how to take care of these things. He then continued rambling if anyone was gonna shakedown anyone, it would be his new crew.

A bit after things settled down, I asked Lumpy if he wasn't at the Twilight premiere then where was he? And why was he all moody lately? Apparently he had spent the last few days trying to find the perfect spot to watch the Leonid Meteor Showers. He told me that on Zgrunturos, meteor showers are a common occurrence. How common? No different than seeing a sunrise or sunset here on Earth. But since he's been here on Earth, he's hasn't seen any. So when he heard about the Leonid Meteor Shower ... he had to see it.

Awwww, it seems like our pal Lumpy is maybe a bit homesick?

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