Sunday, November 1, 2009

EP3 Beta Underway!

We just started our Beta testing with our AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Beta testers! Lumpy and the 2n team wants to thank all those participating! We expect to be in Beta for probably a bit more than a week. We want to add in a few more features since we missed that Halloween window!

Interested in Beta testing? Let us know. We work with a small group, mainly because we like dealing directly with everyone to get the feedback. And we like getting to know them! So we usually work with people that communicate with us via our threads on Touch Arcade, through e-mail, or through comments here on this blog.


  1. yay! congrats on launching beta :D this meens just a little while longer till EP3!

    so sence you can pretty much guess, i would love to help with a beta test sometime in the future...what would i have to do to be a part of this team? if its closed out to a small selective few, than thats allright.

  2. We still need to go through submission, but yes, EP3 should be on it's way soon! We do keep our group small, but we really like to include people who like to be active!

    Lumpy told us he likes you and your comments, so send us an e-mail on our support account and we'll be in contact for EP4 testing! You can see it on our website or in the right sidebar under "Questions? Fan mail? Suggestions?".

  3. I so want to play with the EP3 build. I think I found out who chewed my laptop charger so I can't go on my laptop and download the EP3 beta build. It was lumpy because I said he looks like Casper. Anyway I had a good time in the car playing with quitit! EP2. I found all the 8 secrets .

    From Mr Crazy beta tester.

  4. Glad you could pass some time with EP2. Even tho EP3 is just sitting there. Waiting for you to download :). Lumpy's sorry that he chewed your charger. He thought it was food.