Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lumpy Takes First in Local Costume Contest!

Yesterday was Halloween. Lumpy was excited at the notion of getting dressed up and going trick or treating. Before going out, Lumpy was quite insistent on ... *sigh* ... getting some more pho.

Walking down to one of the many pho restaurants we're regulars at, a strange thing happened. I started to hear a lot of "Your boy is sooo cute!", "What do we have here? A little ghost?", and "That's the best ghost costume I've ever seen! It looks so real!". At first I thought I was overhearing conversations between other people. Then it slowly dawned that they were talking to us!

And just what ghost did they all seem to think he was? Why Casper!

Everyone apparently thought he looked so much like Casper that he even accidentally won first place at a local costume contest.

Lumpy was so distraught about this that he had his Agent demand that we make a poll to prove he doesn't!

If you check out the sidebar to the right, you can vote on it. Does Lumpy look like Casper?

Help put Lumpy's mind at ease by voting No. Or give him a complex by voting Yes. Or better yet ... keep him wondering by voting Maybe!

In the end? Our blue little buddy never got a chance to dress up! It seemed au naturale won out as the best costume.

And how did Lumpy take this disappointment?

After first locking himself in his room. Then the bathroom. Then his room. He came out declaring all the crying has left him dehydrated and hungry. But nothing that a few bowls of pho couldn't cure. So here I sit, blogging this on my iPhone. As Lumpy gently sobs between mouthfuls of pho.

Someone ... help ... me ... please....


  1. Shhh .... if Lumpy hears you'll he'll want yet another bowl of pho!

  2. it would seem that the truth behind this matter need to be brought to light... poor lumpy has been troubled by this new finding....well i have the proof needed to put his mind to rest.

    the charecter known as "casper" made his appearence in the year we all know lumpy is aprocamently 200 years old in human years. meaning his brith happend in 1809, this makes the diffrence between the two a diffrence of 64 years. we see now that it is impossible for lumpy to "look like" casper,because lumpy has been around way befor casper was around. the truth is.... casper looks like lumpy!!!

    rest easy lumpy! know that the truth is out there MUHAHAH!

  3. Hmmm .. you know .. you're right! But you know how actor types get tho. Wanting to be the center of attention and all! I'll tell him to rest easy!

  4. i know exactally what you mean....i onced helped out at a school play, this one kid who got the main roll decided he was the big shoot, and made everyone know it....but at least he dident make me run out every half hour for pho...

    ...i knew i had a point here someware...oh well, just wanted to make lumpy feel better, just dont tell him i voted a "OMG yes!" on the poll >.>

  5. I didn't tell him. Now that I made him take the Pho Garden Challenge ... I'm hoping that will quite him down a bit!