Saturday, November 7, 2009

Help Us Improve QuitIt!

Game development is hard work. But it's fun hard work! How many other jobs exist where you contemplate what the emotional state of a blue blobby alien would be when poked by a stalk of celery?

Clearly, we have some pretty odd ideas over here at 2n. And while we all really really really enjoy working with Lumpy and on QuitIt!, we're not just making the game for ourselves. We're also making it for you the fans! We're nearly ready to submit EP3. And we've actually already secretly (well not any more) been working on EP4. During our last production meeting, Lumpy asked ... but what do my fans want?

Well, we want to know! Help us improve QuitIt! Let us know what you'd like to see. We've already had some great suggestions in the past like the JOY BUZZER, and CINCO DE MOLAR. And recently we've gotten cool suggestions like the GOLDEN MARSHALL (see the comments).

Lumpy suggested we start a poll on the right sidebar to help you better point out what you'd like to see worked on sooner versus later. Do we have a feature not listed there? Or do you have a more specific idea for a Gift or Poker? Then just leave a comment here!


  1. Lumpy must bow down to me for being the first to vote and i voted for more accessories but i would like more food items too.

  2. Lumpy is always in awe of your presence Mr. Crazy ... but ... he admits .. he was a little disappointed that you didn't place in the name the Dentist Day contest. Stars ... what can you do?

  3. how about a radioactive poker, causing lumpy to go through mutations such as shooting beams from his eyes, growing mini lumpys, turning all hairy, having his brain expand to huge proportions, and for a finnisher, lumpy could float up and melt leaving only his eyes sitting in a puddle of goo :)

    as for a holiday......secret agent day....thats all im saying...

  4. That would be pretty funny. Maybe something like an inanimate carbon rod that inflicts radiation. But then again visually ... a nice toxic radioactive green would look nice! Great idea.

    About that secret agent day ... this comment will explode in 10 seconds...