Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday's EP3 Update

This has been quite the week! Between Lumpy taking the Pho Garden Challenge and being in Beta, time has really flown by! On to the deets on the EP3!

We are still in production. We've almost finished tuning our minigame, Lumpy Hoops. And right now we're plugging in the Open Feint achievements as well as all the achievement and unlock points in this Episode. This time around, we're will make getting some of the Achievements and Secrets easier! We apologize if EP2 was too hard.

EP3 will also have some Thanksgiving themed items!

Our current goal is to try and submit by Monday! This is an ambitious goal, but as Lumpy keeps telling us ... "If you don't aim for the stars, you'll always be on Zgrunturos." He assures us it is a saying that sounds better in Zgrunturian.

On a sad note. The other day we found out that Lumpy's animator's girlfriend's Mother passed away. We're deeply saddened by this news. Lumpy and the 2n team sends our condolences to their families.

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