Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Many Faces of Lumpy

Our boy Lumpy is an actor. On his home planet, when Lumpy was a young lad, he gained notoriety from his snarky one liners and his once ever so popular catch-phrase "It's lumperrific!". Like many child stars here on Earth, Lumpy never quite transitioned from a cute and snarky to a serious actor. He nailed the teen heartthrob roles, but that marked the apex of his career.

His arrival here on Earth was to broaden his acting horizons. To get the street creds to be considered a serious actor back on Zgrunturos. Or so his Agent claims. Word on the street, or more precisely in our office, has it that Lumpy actually is suffering through some financial problems back on his home planet. So he's here getting roles that he couldn't or normally wouldn't get/take on Zgrunturos. In a bizarre way, not unlike how certain American celebrities do cameos for ads in Japan, like this:
I'm not sure if that's true, but I'd have to say I'm starting to become impressed by Lumpy. When I first heard we were getting some bratty ex-child star from another planet to star in our show, I thought we'd get some prima donna strutting around the office asking for 30 degree temperature water or no brown M&Ms.

While he does have his demands, I'm thinking maybe he has way more acting chops than people ... errr ... aliens think!

I mean, what other actor could pull off this range of roles?

You'll be seeing these many faces of Lumpy in EP3. And even more in future episodes!

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