Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lumpy Dissed At Twilight's LA Premiere?

Last night Lumpy came home late. Really late. And when I asked him where he had been, he simply went straight to his room and locked the door. Before I continue, let me back up a bit...

We thought it was odd that he hadn't been in the office for the last couple of days. We first thought that he simply was getting some much needed R&R after all the hard work everyone did for our submission of EP3 to Apple.

But after a day, we were getting a bit worried. But just how does one go to the police to report a missing blue blob? So, we thought we'd give it another day ... or two. After all, Lumpy's always been spouting off about how his new crew has got his back. So we figured, he was safe and was just hanging with them.

So today, at the office, Lumpy was still quiet. And clearly annoyed. Suddenly, his Agent burst in throwing down these pics on the table.

"I already told you Lumpy, you weren't invited to the Twilight Premiere! I haven't said it clearly before, but I'll say it now ... you were canned from the Twilight sequel. Canned!" his Agent screamed. His Agent then grabbed the last bagel and stormed out.

So it appears our boy Lumpy made his way down to LA to be part of the Twilight Premiere! And judging from these photos, it's pretty clear RPattz is still holding a grudge against Lumpy and is giving him the silent treatment.

Once the reality of his Agent's words hit him, Lumpy did the expected. Hope no one has to go to the bathroom for a bit!

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  1. OMG! lumpy in twilight would be awesome! i really dont see any reason why he shouldent take part in the next movie! tell lumpy that its there loss.....

  2. Lumpy was rumored to be cut from the sequel. But mebbe on the next one his name will come up? Then again, that RPattz is rumored to be pretty moody .. so he might now allow for that!