Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday's EP4 Update

Well it's Monday, and I thought I'd give everyone an update on EP4. We have a bunch of new Accessories this round. Three are Christmas related and one will be for New Years. And of course we have the "Octo-Beard". Which really isn't an octo-beard because there aren't 8 "legs". But the name sounds funny, so Lumpy likes it! Ohhh, and we shouldn't forget the tattoos! There are two of them. Most of the Accessories are done already. We're just finishing up on the Octo-Beard and the New Years party hat.

We shouldn't also forget Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy! Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy is being debugged right now. He has multiple possible outcomes depending on what you do with him. More info on that later.

We've also been working on possibly getting in a new minigame for EP4. We have a prototype of it up and running. We'll be using today to figure out whether or not it will be any fun or not. But if not, it'll get cut from EP4.

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