Friday, November 6, 2009

Lumpy's One Smooth Criminal!

You may not know it, but Lumpy is a huge fan of MJ. Not only does he like Michael's music, but I suppose he can also relate with the struggles that another once-child star goes through.

His Agent is quite insistent that Lumpy has met Michael before. He further claims that Lumpy was also supposed to have had a cameo in Michael Jackson's This Is It movie. Unreliable sources say it was cancelled due to the other dancers complaining that Lumpy's dancing skills were upstaging them!

During the early production of EP3, Lumpy's Agent approached us, contract in hand, demanding all the Lumpy get to share the moves he had been practicing for the movie with everyone. 

At first we were reluctant. But after we saw the blue blob move ... we were sold. 

It also seems that Lumpy recently has a fondness for acting like he's a bit of a toughie. Lately he's also been donning MJ's Smooth Criminal hat. But that's probably just because This Is It just came out.

Rumor has it that if you do the right thing in EP3, Lumpy will do a special dance just for you! And just maybe you'll be able to get that hat too!

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