Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's All About Me!

That was what Lumpy said to me the other day when I asked him why he drank the last of the milk in the fridge but still left the empty carton behind. I don't know what I was taken aback by more ... the thought that all this time Lumpy's been drinking straight out the carton and I've been getting his sloppy seconds OR that he so quickly blurted out the words that I imagined the younger child-star version of Lumpy would have said. To think that I praised him the other day for thinking that he had the chops for being a serious actor.

Recently we asked everyone what you wanted to have added to QuitIt! We even had a poll about it. We listed the following choices.

  • More Pokers
  • More Lumpy Animations to Pokers
  • More Holidays
  • More Accessories
  • More Interactive Gifts
  • More Food Items

The most popular answer were Accessories, interactive Gifts, and Lumpy animations to pokers. As it turns out EP3 has all three of those items covered! EP3 introduces 8 new Accessories, 2 new interactive Gifts, and 4 new Lumpy reactions to Pokers. Including one that will make him look like this!

In future episodes, we'll keep your wishes in mind!

Didn't get a chance to vote? Want to see a different feature? Just drop us a line! Or leave of a comment in our blog!


  1. Lumpy makes a disturbingly good turkey. :-)

  2. Lumpy was all proud strutting his stuff like a turkey all during production of EP3 ... until someone told him people eat turkeys for Thanksgiving! He's now wary any times tells him "time to get dressed up like a turkey!". I think he's worried because he thinks turkeys are delish!