Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet Zynx Part 2 ... and Monday's EP3 Update!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Aside from out little problem with Lumpy not getting to wear his costume on Halloween, things have been going swimmingly.

We started Beta yesterday and will continue adding in our last features as well as tuning the app. Since we realize that EP3 will be the version everyone will have around Thanksgiving, we decided to add a few delicious Thanksgiving goodies for you in it! Stay tuned for more deets on that.

We also wanted to show you a bit more of Lumpy's new BFF, Zynx. Check him out in action in a little video we made. This is still a work in progress and some things are still being cleaned up.

Something weird happened to Zynx over the weekend. It seems that he has a special ability that we didn't discover until we were filming him. You can catch that bit at the end of the video. Can you figure out what the heck he's doing?


  1. thats so cool! interactive gifts that interact with EACH OTHER! omg!, will this only work with the Whos Bad poker? or will poking lumpy in general cause him to throw the chew toy?

    BTW: i love how you guys made it so you can tell waht hirts lumpy, and what pleases him :) like i said befor ....its the small things. and yes...this was shiny

  2. Heheh, we were hoping people would like that! This will work with any poker. Actually, the video is a bit misleading. In this case, you're really moving the chew toy yourself. For the chew toy, we allow you to nudge the toy to the side. It just happens that as you move it, you trigger the poking to Lumpy.

    But they interact in other ways ... like when Zynx flies!

    Glad you like the addition we made to the UI too :)!