Wednesday, October 28, 2009

QuitIt! Back in the top 100 Entertainment Apps!

QuitIt! is back in the top 100 Entertainment Apps in the US iTunes App Store! Lumpy is excited to be back there. EP1 also got into that top 100 list. Last time, we made it to 19, but then fell shortly thereafter. We're hoping with all the improvements that we have made with EP2 that we can work our way to the top of the list ... and stay on it for the next weeks to come!

If you have QuitIt! but haven't reviewed it, or haven't updated your review for EP2, Lumpy would be ecstatic if you could! And of course spreading the word to others is always a good thing. The more we can get people buying Lumpy and QuitIt! the longer we can continue doing the FREE updates!


  1. congrats on making top 100! it seems al that ive been doing lately was congraulating you guys....not that i mind :P

    its good to see Quitit! getting the respect it deserves. there are so many "crap" apps that get in to the top 100 of there catagory, im so releaved to see one that actually deserves it to get in there ;)

  2. Hahaha ... and I keep saying "Thanks!". And I certainly don't mind that :)!

    Glad we're getting some exposure. We'll see if we can get more and more people onboard! Thanks again for your comments and support! We'll keep adding in the extra fun into QuitIt!