Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday EP2 Promo Code Giveaway Contest!

As people know, Lumpy's not from here. Being new in town can be tough. But what about if you're a blue blobby creature from another planet? Lumpy's Agent suggested we help people get to know Lumpy better, by having a Promo Code Giveaway Contest.

To which an intern quipped "But how's that going to get them to know Lumpy more?". After the freshly Joy Buzzed body was moved to a resting area, Lumpy's Agent provided us with the following information.

The Lumpy Trivia Contest

  • The first three (3) people to correctly answer all of the following five (5) questions about Lumpy will each receive one (1) promo code to QuitIt!
  • You may enter as many times as you want.
  • A person may win only one (1) promo code.
  • Winners picked will be based on the order/timestamp recieved.
  • Contestants must submit their replies by either PM to "2n Productions" on TouchArcade or to
  • Only answers submitted by the methods above will be considered valid.
Misc deets:
  • All answers can be found in this blog.
  • You are encouraged to leave funny comments in our blog.
  • Post on our TA thread to let us know you submitted your answers.
  • If you need a hint, ask us via comment in this blog or on the TA thread.
  1. Where is Lumpy originally from?
  2. Who was the person Lumpy thought had it in for him? Hint: This is related to a food incident as well as a dish, as the saying goes, that is best served cold. You could always just google "dish best served cold" to find out what that refers to. Then look in July. You only need to look at the blog post titles to probably figure it out then!
  3. What documentary made Lumpy go into hiding?
  4. Which show did Lumpy stop the production of EP2 on in order to watch?
  5. What chemical did Lumpy's Agent say was okay for his client, and what was it going to be used for? HintThis chemical was to be used to alter something with Lumpy in order to make him look right for a role. This chemical was also found to have two effects on mice. The first being it helped to mend something. The second being it changed it's appearance. You have probably eaten this chemical too!
Winners will be announced on Monday!


  1. i need help with number 5

  2. We'll post a hint on this soon...

  3. Still not able to understand what u meant by "had it in for him". U mean someone whom lumpy thought liked him or something else?(sorry, English not my native language, so...)

    Nitin Singhal.

  4. A hint has been posted for this. "had it in for him" means that another person, for some reason, didn't like him (Lumpy), and wanted to have bad things happen to him (Lumpy).