Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lumpy's Other Secret Exposed?

What's this?

An intern in our office snapped this picture of Lumpy. Is there something we don't know about Lumpy? Or does this just represent a softer side to Lumpy? After his recent bouts of being short-tempered, perhaps this shows us that he's really just a good guy deep inside?

When confronted with this picture, Lumpy's Agent demanded we wipe the interweb clean of all images. When told that it was already out there, he said "Clearly my client is showing his vast array of acting skills. Real men aren't afraid to show their feminine side."

And after that, he dragged me aside and said "Now you find a way to get it into the game!"


  1. Ha, that look's hilarious. I hope that make it in the next update, I will be entertained for hours.

  2. It's definitely going into the next update! I'm looking over the shoulder of the animator right now ... and it is hi-larious!