Thursday, October 29, 2009

Name the "Dentist Day" Polls are Open!

Yesterday, we started a contest in celebration of us getting into the top 100 Entertainment apps and being featured as What's Hot in the US iTunes App Store. We had over 190 entries and narrowed it down to 10 choices!

  • Cinco de Molar (Bronson15)
  • Dia de los Molars (Kalel39)
  • Drill, baby, drill (Devilishly Good)
  • I See Numb People (evilhomer)
  • Molar Madness Day (Touchgamer3g)
  • Mouth Mangling Numbday (drelbs)
  • My Sweet Tooth (Mohammedrules)
  • My Toof Hurz (Devilishly Good)
  • QuitIt Cavities Day (Rachel)
  • Twice a ... Day (Will090)

So let the voting begin! If you want to cast your vote, poke on over to our thread in Touch Arcade here!

Lumpy wants to thank everyone that submitted their entries!

On another note, we're bordering on breaking into the top 50 in Entertainment apps! For those that have been helping spread the word thanks!

If you haven't please do! Only through your support can we continue to bring you more updates!


  1. I'm so sorry for not trying my hardest on the contest. I know i'm the best at thinking up names and i could have tryed harder :(.

  2. Lumpy said he knew you were holding back!