Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily Dish SHOCKER! Lumpy seen with hostile alien space invader?!

We just received an anonymous e-mail tip with the following photograph of Lumpy seen together with a suspicious looking alien who may or may not be part of an advance shock troop sent to invade Earth.

When we asked Lumpy’s Agent about this photograph, he responded angrily that “This photograph is clearly an attempt to defame and slander Lumpy’s good character! We categorically deny any and all allegations that my client has any affiliation or knowledge of this alien being.”

Furthermore, he also questioned the legality of the other alien’s presence on Earth by stating, “Lumpy is a goodwill ambassador and a peace loving entertainer from Zgrunturos. As far as this alien is concerned, we think he’s an illegal sentient lifeform.”

Stay tuned for more developments on this shocking allegation. We’ll keep poking away to find out the truth!

Lumpy as the new Blue M&M!?

(07-31-09) 11:17 PDT Los Angeles, California, Earth

After almost breaking his hard candy shell during a recent commercial shoot, the Blue M&M announced that he needed a stunt double. During a press conference, Blue stated that for years he’s worked without a stunt double simply because “ don’t see too many blue guys walking around, but enough is enough.” When asked about the Blue Man Group, Blue simply stated, “What do you think I look like, a twig? Those guys lack my stage presence.”

Sources later revealed that Lumptacious Hrudkovity, also known by his peers as “Lumpy,” had been approached as a potential stunt double candidate for Blue. Blue reportedly said, “I was playing the new iPhone and iPod touch reality game show QuitIt! when I saw this blobby-looking blue guy. At first, I thought I was looking at a mirror image of myself. But after I looked closely, I realized this blue guy was the only one good enough to be my stunt double.”

Mr. Hrudkovity could not be reached for comment. However, his agent issued the statement that “While it’s true that we’ve been approached by the Blue M&M’s people about a project, we haven’t committed to anything yet.”

His agent further added, “Obviously, my client’s skin tone is much paler than the Blue M&M’s hard candy shell. However, my client has indicated that he would consider undergoing blue augmentation therapy if his role required it.” When asked about the safety of the procedure, his agent quipped, “Scientists recently discovered that Brilliant Blue G, the coloring agent used in the augmentation therapy as well as the color in Blue’s delicious melt in your mouth but not in your hands candy shell, may potentially mend spinal injuries. If it’s good enough for candy and spines, it’s good enough for my client.”

Lumpy and QuitIt! featured on The APPera!

Lumpy was surfing the net in the Green Room this morning, and he let us know he made the front page Features carousel of The APPera!

He was very moved by the positive press coverage from them. But now he's complaining to his Agent that his posterior looked at least 5lbs. fatter and wanted to know who took that promo photo of him.

An intern has been dismissed from the show as a result...

In any event, poke on over to The APPera for the deets!

Design a Poker Challenge Voting!

Our lead dev guy Ben and the 2n Productions crew reviewed the poke-tastic responses we got from the TouchArcade forum's Design a Poker Challenge, and we've now posted a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite Poker design.

Lumpy says he would like to thank all the TouchArcaders who participated in the Challenge. But he also says he's a bit nervous about which Poker will win. The Lumpster asked Ben to include the Pillow that was suggested as one of the candidates for the poll, but his choice didn't make the cut.

Well, maybe you'll get your Pillow next time Lumpy!

Poke on over to TouchArcade and poke, poke, poke, vote, vote*!

* This doesn't mean we're encouraging people to vote multiple times. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lumpy Meets Magibon

Lumpy received a fan video in his e-mail inbox today that chronicled his meeting with the YouTube video star Magibon earlier this month.

Magibon, like Lumpy, is a rising star in a foreign country. In her case, Japan. Before the QuitIt! show went live, Lumpy's Agent thought it would be educational and inspirational for Lumpy to meet Magibon so that he could get some Earth-based showbiz tips from her.

Lumpy got a little nervous during this meeting, but all was well in the end. Magibon was very nice, and the tension in the studio set never got to the point where we had a replay of the "U.N. Incident."

Lumpy visits the United Nations!!

(07-30-09) 08:00 EDT New York, New York, Earth

Today, representative Lumptacious Hrudkovity from the planet Zgrunturos addressed a Special Session of the United Nations. Mr. Hrudkovity, known simply by his peers as “Lumpy,” shocked the assembly when he deviated from the session’s agenda of “Intergalactic Relations: Is It Good?”

Mr. Hrudkovity instead chose to thank his fans in the United Kingdom and Canada for reviewing his virtual game show QuitIt! on the iTunes App Store. QuitIt!, now available for the iPhone and the iPod touch, aired for the first time this past week.

Mr. Hrudkovity indicated he was deeply moved by the response of his fans. He assured everyone during his speech that he is a professional and that he could “take it.” He also asked all of his fans keep on poking and to help spread the word about QuitIt! and to encourage others to join the QuitIt! community.

At this point, frantic U.N. officials turned off the public address system, only to discover that Mr. Hrudkovity was speaking through a translator elsewhere in the room. Having no other options, security guards wrestled Mr. Hrudkovity to the ground. Ironically, Mr. Hrudkovity’s last words before being taken away from the General Assembly hall was his infamous tag line “Quit It!

After the altercation, the identity of the translator was determined to be Mr. Hrudkovity’s own agent, who refused to divulge his name. When asked why Mr. Hrudkovity changed his speech at the last second, his agent simply replied, “This interview is over.” However, before leaving the General Assembly hall, the agent yelled out, “QuitIt! is now available at the iTunes App Store!”

When asked whether or not Mr. Hrudkovity is here on Earth as a legal alien, the Obama Administration made assurances they were looking into the matter and issued the statement "While at this time we cannot confirm the legality of Mr. Hrudkovity's presence on Earth, we are certain his agent followed the proper quarantine protocol to bring him here." They further added, "President Obama is aware of Mr. Hrudkovity and happens to be a fan."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Lumpster is at The APPera!

Lumpy is overwhelmed by the love that he is receiving from his wonderful fans and the media folks here on Earth.

We received word today that QuitIt! got a mention on The APPera! Sweet!

QuitIt! Arrives: The Pocket God Descendants?

I thought I’d never see the day where a new app comes in and captures me like Pocket God did. 2n Productions have proven me wrong with QuitIt!

Lumpy was a bit confused by the title of the article, as he's pretty sure that he's not descended from an omnipotent being.

Poke on over to the Appera for the rest of the deets!

QuitIt! profiled at Slide to Play!

Lumpy would like to thank Slide to Play for featuring QuitIt! on their Ten to Watch article today! A little excerpt from the article:

Finally, we have QuitIt!, a game so ridiculous that it's downright awesome.

Lumpy says that he feels "downright awesome" right now.

Poke on over to Slide to Play for the article!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lumpy's Delish Lunch - Pizza

We're having pizza again on the set of our show today.

Lumpy approves of pizza, although he mentioned yesterday that he was a bit confused as it "is the shape of vehicles that lesser beings use."

In any event, Lumpy said he thought the pizza was "delish."

Design a Poker Challenge @ TouchArcade

Our fearless lead dev guy Ben has unleashed the Design a Poker Challenge at TouchArcade.

Here's a section of the post from the B-man himself:
What I’d like to do is to involve everyone in helping to design one of the pokers that will go in the next version of QI!

Here’s the rough plan: Get a bunch of suggestions for pokers from everyone. We’ll then select what we feel are the best 5 ones based on comic payoff and implementation. Next, we’ll have a poll to narrow it down to one.

After we select the winning poker, we’ll keep you guys in the loop until we come up with the final version of the poker.

Feel free to offer up as many suggestions as you like.

Our general rule of thumb for a poker is that it can’t be too religious in nature or offensive to people. Also, we’ll have to pass on suggestions that we feel don’t fall within the humor and spirit of the app.

We want to use this as a trial run in learning how to interact with you, our audience. We want to figure out the best way to work with you as a team. For those of you who are actually developers, you know what I mean. Once we feel our way through this, we can try for more interesting ways of "audience participation" in future updates.
Poke on over to TA to join the fun!


Lost in Translation

We’ve noticed over the last week or so that we’re having a bit of a “lost in translation” problem.


The first signs of this communication problem came in the form of one our interns complaining about Lumpy’s alien language. Had we paid more attention back then, we would have figured out that Lumpy was actually speaking Japanese.

What should have been the real wake-up call for us was the sign that Lumpy had made to congratulate the Promo Code Contest winners.

We did a bit of digging, and we discovered the reason for this intergalactic communication mess.

As it turns out, Lumpy studied Japanese before he came to Earth from Zgrunturos.

Lumpy’s agent told him that he was going to be starring in a game show on Earth. Based on that information, Lumpy started to research game shows on Earth. During his research, Lumpy discovered Japanese game shows and got hooked on them because he thought they were the most cutting edge programming he could find on the planet.

After watching hours and hours of Japanese game show footage, Lumpy wound up thinking that everyone on Earth spoke Japanese. So, in an effort to prepare for his debut on Earth, Lumpy took various online crash courses in the Japanese language.

So, the semi-good news is that Lumpy can communicate a little bit with his fans in Japan. The bad news is that until Lumpy gets up to speed in English, we’re stuck with his agent interpreting or translating for him.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lumpy's special shout out to JanB from TouchArcade

Lumpy wants to send out a special shout out to JanB from the TouchArcade forum today in his blog. JanB was kind enough to contribute to Lumpy's slime transplant fund by downloading QuitIt! from the iTunes App Store.

Lumpy is complaining that he doesn't need the transplant, as he's too young for that procedure.

In any event, he still appreciates support of his fans here on Earth.

Thanks JanB!!!!

Lumpy's gone totally international!

In addition to his fans in Mexico and the United States, Lumpy would like to thank his new fans in Great Britain, Canada, Italy, Japan, France, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Singapore!

Lumpy says he would really appreciate your review of his show in the iTunes App Store so that he can improve his performance technique! If you enjoy QuitIt! please spread the world!

Help Lumpy's star shine so he can become the first true intergalactic star and reach #1 in the App Store!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

First international fans!

Lumpy got word today that QuitIt! is being downloaded by fans in Mexico.

He wanted to express his deepest gratitude to his fans in Mexico, who are the first international viewers of the QuitIt! show.

The production staff would also like to extend a heart-felt “muchas gracias” to our supporters in Mexico.

But Lumpy's enjoyment of this moment seemed short-lived as he overheard someone on the production staff talking about getting a burrito from a Mexican joint down the street for dinner.

Lumpy is becoming a bit paranoid now. First the Burrito Incident. Then Montezuma. And now fans in Mexico. He is wondering whether this Montezuma is stalking him...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Promo code contest winners!

At 10:01AM PST on July 25, 2009, we received our e-mail notification from Apple that QuitIt! was now available for sale!

To all those that participated in our Promo Code Contest, thanks for your support! On that note, the contest is now officially over.

Congrats to our winners, Froggyboby, Devilishly Good, hi!, mrchennyken, and eggzbacon!

For more details, poke on over to

It’s show time for Lumpy!

We got the good word that QuitIt! has been approved by Apple!

We apologize for the delay in updating you, but it took a bit of coaxing to get our star on stage due to the Burrito Incident this morning. He came out only after we told him that his show was now live.

Lumpy wanted send out a personal message to all his fans checking out his blog, but we need his agent to interpret for us from Zgrunturian to English.

Unfortunately for us, Lumpy’s agent is nowhere to be found…so one of our interns improvised and made a sign for the Lumpster.

In any event, for around the cost of a latte, get more stimulation from QuitIt! without the need for that inevitable bathroom break.

Unlike buying a latte from your fave place, you can be sure you’ll get free “refills” through our free updates that’ll add more poking pleasure and hi-larious antics to QuitIt! in the coming months. It’ll leave you wondering why they don’t give you free refills!

Poke on over to the iTunes App Store and download QuitIt! while its hot!


Help Lumpy become the first true intergalactic star! Check out Lumpy’s profile on Facebook (search for “Lumpy Hrudkovity”) and add him as a friend. He’s waiting breathlessly for your fan mail!

Montezuma Strikes Back

This morning an intern offered Lumpy a breakfast burrito. Lumpy freaked out and locked himself in the bathroom to escape from the mysterious Montezuma. The intern has been sacked.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lumpy's First Burrito

Lumpy brought his own food replicator with him from Zgrunturos, but he forgot to bring the microfusion powercells to run the unit. He's been surviving on a diet of Lumpy-Ohhs and energy bars that he also brought with him from his planet.

Unfortunately, that stash is almost gone.

So, our star decided that it was time for him to try some Earth food today. The show's production staff was getting Mexican for lunch, so Lumpy opted to get a simple bean and cheese burrito based on our advice.

Lumpy enjoyed his burrito and thought it was absolutely delish.

Unfortunately, the burrito didn't really agree with him a couple of hours later. We jokingly mentioned Montezuma's Revenge to explain his gastric distress.

Lumpy was asking all afternoon long why this being named Montezuma was after him...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

QuitIt! Promo Code Contest!

Our star Lumpy had a great idea while he was in the Green Room waiting for his show QuitIt! to go live.

He suggested that we give away 5 promo codes for QuitIt! to 5 lucky members of the viewing audience at TouchArcade.

The Lumpster wanted his fans to guess the time when his show would go live on air! And thus, the Promo Code Contest was born!

To find out more, poke on over to TouchArcade!

Now let the guessing begin!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Today's Lumptoid* - Sitcom Star

After his initial breakthrough on the Lumpy-Ohhs commercial, Lumpy got an offer from a galactic network vidcaster who was looking for a kid to star in a new family situation comedy.

The director of the sitcom wanted a cute and endearing young lump for her show - a youngster who could think on his feet and deliver cute, yet snarky one-liners, just like in Lumpy’s popular breakfast treat commercial.

This was the beginning of Lumpy’s salad days.

*Lumptoid - A factoid about Lumpy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Stage jitters - Maybe time for some last minute acting lessons?

Lumpy's been saying that he's suffering from mild panic attacks. We don’t think he wants to admit to it, but we suspect he’s got a little case of stage fright. We're pretty sure it’s not a big deal, as he's an old pro. He's just a bit nervous since he hasn't been on a live stage in a while.

At any rate, we don't want to set up our buddy to fail, so we decided to look for some professional help. Professional help in the form of an acting coach, that is.

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find someone within our production budget yet, but Mr. Aaron Speiser would probably be the perfect coach for our star, if money was no object.

While our search continues for an acting coach, here are some inspirational words from the world renowned acting coach to the stars, Aaron Speiser:

Today’s Lumptoid (A factoid about Lumpy)

Lumpy was a child star on his home planet of Zgrunturos. He got his first showbiz break by appearing on a commercial for a breakfast treat.

Most Zgrunturians have fond memories of a young Lumpy and his catchy slogan from the commercial- “It’s lumperrific!” (translated loosely from Zgrunturian by his agent).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Live and in Color! Video Goodness!

We're excited to share a preview video of QuitIt! with you!

Check out Lumpy in action, live and in color, on the set of his show!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It’s Almost Showtime!

We’re almost there! We’ve just submitted QuitIt! to Apple, and it’s almost showtime for our star Lumpy!

Lumpy is our intrepid visitor from planet Zgrunturos, and he’s starring in his own virtual game show broadcasting live on your iPhone or iPod touch.

In QuitIt! you get to channel your inner older sibling and tease Lumpy by poking him to win cold hard cash. Use the moolah to buy other unique and bizarre items to pokify the Lumpster. Crank the tease factor to eleven by buying and giving Lumpy twisted gifts that are much more than meets the eye.

We’ll be updating our blog with additional info as we lead up to the release of the app, so check back early, and check back often!