Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lumpy's "Christmas is a Time for Having Fun" Contest Polls Opened

We hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas! Our apologies because we are a little late in posting things! We've opened our touchArcade thread open to the polls! The poll contests are listed below.

The names listed underneath the pictures correlate to the name in the poll. We apologize for the clunkiness of this, but we can't bind pictures directly will poll options. If you wish to vote, jump on over to our poll here! If you're not a member of touchArcade, you'll need to be one!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lumpy's "Christmas is a Time for Having Fun" Contest!

Well it's almost Christmas Time! Lumpy is quite excited about the idea of a fat man in a red suit coming down a chimney to give children gifts. He's especially excited that if the lil' kiddies are naughty, they get coal! Being the recipient of many a bad gift, I suppose Lumpy is just happy that he's not the only one that gets a bad gift or two. Or three...

Another thing Lumpy was noticing was that Christmas also seems to be a time where people get together and have fun. So he was thinking, why don't we have a contest just for fun? Okay, fun and promocodes. Since during this time of year, people often make things, he thought we could have a contest based around that. And just like that Lumpy's "Christmas is a Time for Having Fun" Contest was born.

This contest is about making a piece of artwork and then sharing that artwork with everyone! As usual, there will be two parts. The first part of the contest will be about making the artwork. From the entries we'll select finalists that people will be able to vote on for the actual winners. However, since this is not for something going into the game (at least right now), we're changing how the winners work for this one! We're only going to have two winners. The overall winner will get 2 promocodes to do with as they like. The second winner will receive 1 promocode.

So just what is this artwork we're talking about? The artwork has two requirements. It must be Holiday themed and include Lumpy. Other than that, it's totally up to you! We'll give extra consideration to pictures that incorporate wacky Gifts and Pokers. And of course ones that make us laugh!

Now onto a little something called Da Rules. Each contest we've had as of late has been quite the saga. We've had a rigged poll and then accusations of more poll rigging. And in our last contest, we had to get the moderators on touchArcade as well as issue several warnings about disqualifications.

Lumpy's Agent called in a crack team of lawyers to help us generate the rules for this one! But if you ask me, since we were low in bagels and coffee, I don't think they did quite the due diligence on them like we were expected.
  • An entry will be considered an individual piece of artwork. The artwork must contain at least the two following elements: a Christmas Holidays (this includes the other Holidays such as Hanukkah) theme and Lumpy.
  • Artwork that contains Gifts and Pokers will be given extra consideration.
  • Entries must be considered "clean". Anything deemed too graphic or profane will be disqualified.
  • You may submit as many entries as you want. Entries may be submitted through our touchArcade thread or by sending it to us at support at
  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59PM PST on Thursday, December 24, 2009.
  • A poll will be taken from the entries we thought were the best. The individual with the highest vote will win 2 promocodes. The second place individual will receive 1 promocode. It will be possible in this contest for one person to win all 3 promocodes!
We'll be amending the rules once the polls start!

Lumpy was so excited that he wanted to submit an entry himself.

We didn't have the heart to tell him yet that he can't enter!

Also remember that we're having a Holiday SALE on QuitIt! Help Lumpy celebrate his first Christmas on Earth by picking up a copy of QuitIt! QuitIt! will be on sale during the Holidays for only $0.99!

Only with your support can we continue to build the FREE updates!

So let's all get into the Holidays Spirit, put on our Creativity hats and have some fun!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Look Back at the "Christmas is the Time for Giving Gift" Contest

Ahh, the memories. We recently held a “Christmas is the Time for Giving Gift Contest” and looking back, it was all very exciting.

Although there was a bit of controversy; accusations were flying around, votes were thrown out, and we had to call in reinforcements from the big guys (thanks again touchArcade mods!); we also received some very creative artwork from our awesome fans! In the end, it was a very close contest with 1st and 2nd place separated by only one vote! Read more about it here.

Here is a look back at some of the art. BTW, we are planning to have a Fan Art page on the QuitIt! website.







and how could we forget this one?

Oh wait ... that was from another contest!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The "Lumpy Thinks Christmas is the Time For Giving Gifts Contest" Polls are Closed!

We are not quite sure what it is. But for some reason QuitIt! and contests go hand in hand with controversy. Back a few months in our Tale of the Tazer Voting, we actually had to have a recount! And our previous contest was also steeped in claims of vote tampering!

But this one has topped them all with multiple claims of scandals, votes that needed to be thrown out, as well as having to call out to the awesome mods on TouchArcade several times for assistance.

And the results of the poll after validating it for suspicious votes?

The top three winners were:

  • Robot - Mr Crazy (45)
  • Magic Carpet - hardcoregamer (44)
  • Egg that hatches into something good or bad - Devilishly Good (19)

Congratulations to you all! You each have won a promocode to QuitIt! And the Mr. Crazy's robot will also be the next interactive gift in EP5!

Honorable mentions go to our other finalists!

Black Hole - drelbs (17)
Play Dough - abruce42 (13)
Box of Flies - spidey146 (10)
Water Fuel Rocket - akame (7)
Toy Car - akame (6)

You had fantastic ideas as well.

Lumpy of course wants to thank everyone that participated in entering the contest, voting, and of course ... watching. He'd also like to give a special shout out of thanks to the TouchArcade moderators that helped us quite a bit. We're sorry for the inconveniences!

A few interesting poll stats!

Overall, there were 124 voters. This contest was the 3rd highest replied to and the 9th highest viewed thread in the Promo Code and Contest forum. I was surprised when I found this out!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Der-Kleine has Done it Again!

Der-Kleine is on a roll! He made this other piece of fan art for us!

Look Out Below!

One of the hilarious parts to this picture is what is written in the windows! Can you read it? Me thinks this could also possibly be a pretty fun minigame!!

Lumpy's Pizza Parlor!

There was some talk amongst our Beta Test Group about what EP5 would contain. Part of EP5 would be allowing you to interact with Lumpy more besides just poking him. The other was to also give you a different place to interact with Lumpy besides the Poketeria.

One of the ideas thrown out was to prepare different foods for Lumpy. Based on what you fed Lumpy, he'd have different reactions. And from this spawned the idea of making Lumpy a pizza! Now Lumpy's had pizza in the past. It was one of the first foods he found acceptable to eat. It's fair to say that Lumpy has slowly come to really like pizza! But that pizza was always prepared by a professional! So how will he react when we make him one?

So when talk of making pizza for Lumpy came around as an activity and location, everyone got excited. Enough to get us planning Lumpy's Pizza Parlor!

Now check out this slice of awesomeness! It was imported all the way over from Germany from Der-Kleine, one of our Beta Testers and member of TouchArcade!

Although you can't read it due to the size I had to scale the image so it would fit, that tomato sauce reads Dec '07. Poor little Lumpy is no doubt scared that his pizza has been laced with that expired sauce! Now you wouldn't do that to Lumpy.

Would you?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daily Delish: Bún bò Huế

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day in San Francisco. Not the coldest it's been all week. But with the added element of rain, it somehow felt a bit colder. So when it came to lunch time, what did Lumpy want? Pho, of course!

Some of you may remember that our royal blueness finished the Pho Garden Challenge a little while back. And after that event, while he still demanded pho, it was at a bearable every other day. But as the weather has slowly gotten colder, the requests for it have increased.

So for lunch yesterday, we went to the Vietnamese restaurant down the street. Straying from our usual Phở Gà, I decided to pick another noodle soup that I had seen our audio engineer eat for myself.

This soup was Bún bò Huế, a vermicelli soup.

This soup was served with a side of delightfully spicy chili peppers that the owner told us were imported from Vietnam and then prepared by the chef here.

When Lumpy saw it come out and watched the expression on my face when I tried the side of chili, he instantly blurted out 「ランピーはPhở Gàがたべたくない。それはたべたい。」 Or roughly translated ... he didn't want to eat his Phở Gà anymore, but wanted what I ordered.

I'm assuming none of you have seen a blue blobby alien throwing a temper tantrum in a store, but let me tell you it is something you will never forget. And is something to avoid at all costs. Upon seeing his eyes slowly swell up with tears at the moment that his Phở Gà appeared, I knew I'd have to switch dishes with him.

Lumpy's verdict? 「辛いけどおいしいよ!」 or "It's spicy but delicious!". Well, I guess the upside is that we found something else he likes besides pho!

The "Lumpy Thinks Christmas is the Time for Giving Gifts Contest" Polls are Open!

The time has come! We selected 8 entries as the finalists to be in our poll to see which Gift will show up in EP5. We tapped into the creative juices of our fans and got many great ideas! But in the end, there can only be 1!

Our finalists are narrowed down to

  • Black Hole - drelbs
  • Box of Flies - spidey146 (strangely appropriate for his name!)
  • Egg that hatches into something good or bad - Devilishly Good
  • Magic Carpet - hardcoregamer
  • Play Dough - abruce42
  • Robot - Mr Crazy
  • Toy Car - akame
  • Water Fuel Rocket - akame

The finalists were selected based on if we felt it could represented in the app well and whether or not we already didn't have a plan for it in the future.

To all those that submitted entries, we thank you for your participation!

Now is the time to rig ... errr vote! To vote ... go here!!!!

And and a special word to Boospengi! Your Rudolf toy idea was pure awesomeness. But since we'll be past Christmas, we didn't include it on the list! Lumpy hopes you understand!

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas from Apple! EP4 is now Ready for Sale!!

Upon returning from lunch on this cold and rainy day in San Francisco, I was greeted by an e-mail from Apple. I held my breathe as I took a glanced at the subject line. And smiled as I read the "Your application is Ready for Sale"!

Truth be told, I was a little worried this round, only because we had a couple of rejections from EP3. Things turned out for the best and we got accepted on the first pass!

If you've been on the fence about QuitIt!, now's a great time! We're on SALE for the Holidays for $0.99. Already have a copy? Then let your friends know about it. Especially if you've been enjoying the FREE updates!

We can only continue doing the free updates with your support. So please spread the word and leave us a review on iTunes!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

EP4 Gameplay Video Trailer!

EP4: And Along Came Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy isn't out yet, but we have a trailer for everyone to check out! We'll be updating our website with this video as well as adding screenshots soon. And we'll post some of the EP4 screenshots here later.

We also had another fan that is looking to be an up and coming reviewer of iPhone apps ask us if he could do a preview of QuitIt! EP4. Check out this video that he made!

You can check out more of his reviews at

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EP5: Look Who's Walking (Tentative Title) is Underway!

Even before we hit submit in iTunes Connect for EP4, we were already thinking ahead to EP5. We certainly have a lot of plans for QuitIt!. In fact too many! Which leads us to the challenge of what order do we do things.

There are a couple of things we'd like to do sooner rather than later.

  • Allow players to interact more directly with Lumpy aside from poking
  • Provide different areas to do different activities with Lumpy

We will be using EP5 as the start of doing just that! And hence the tentative name of our title.

If this sounds like a lot of work ... it certainly is. Obviously with the Holidays around the corner, there will be issues with time. But it is our goal to get EP5 submitted as soon as possible.

Remember that our updates are FREE. So if you've been enjoying the episodes so far and want to see us make more episodes, we need your help! Help us spread the word so more people know about QuitIt! and Lumpy, and leave us a review on iTunes. Each time an update comes out, you're allowed to update your rating and review.

Only through your support can we continue to improve QuitIt!

EP3 Screenshots Posted!

We updated our website to include some screenshots from EP3! They can be found here!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

QuitIt! Christmas Wallpaper

This will be Lumpy's first Christmas here on Earth! So why not celebrate it with him by using Lumpy's QuitIt! Christmas wallpaper?

You should be able to download this image and then load it onto your iPhone or iPod touch. Feel free to share it with your friends!

We'll be posting another Christmas wallpaper soon!

Christmas is the Time for Giving Gifts Contest

It's the Holiday Season and this will be Lumpy's first Christmas here on Earth. Much like Halloween and Thanksgiving, each new Holiday is greeted with having to explain to Lumpy what the Holiday is and what our traditions are. When Lumpy heard that part of the Christmas tradition involved giving gifts, he thought, why not have a contest for his fans? Why not have his fans come up with a new gift idea that will be in EP5?

Lumpy's Agent thought that this was a particularly great idea. And provided us, while waving a copy of Lumpy's contract in the air, with enough compelling reasons why we should have it.

So it's official. We're having a Christmas is the Time for Giving Gifts Contest!

Just what is a Gift in the world of QuitIt!? We have two main types of Gifts. Interactive and non-interactive. Non-interactive ones arrive and age over time before they disappear. They may be good or bad. An interactive gift is something that you and Lumpy can interact with.

We'll be doing our Gift giving by giving out 3 sparkly promocodes to the winners!

  • Only 1 promocode may be won per individual.
  • You may submit as many entries as you want. Entries may be submitted through our TouchArcade thread, by leaving comments to this posting, or via e-mail here.
  • Time of entries are determined by their timestamps.
  • Any entry that is the same or similar to a previous entry will be disqualified.
  • Please do not go back and edit entries. It will invalidate your timestamp. We will use the later timestamp as your entry date.
  • Entries must be specific. They cannot be too general. For example, stating that a good gift would be a "fish" is too vague. Saying that the gift would be a 20 day old Salmon would be better. If the gift is interactive, describe what you'd like to see the gift do. Remember that we need to be able to implement the gift! A more specific entry will supersede a vague entry.
  • Picture references are encouraged.
  • Entries cannot infringe on other copyrights or trademarks.
  • Entries must be considered "clean". Anything deemed too graphic or profane may be disqualified.
  • In the event that the gift is already planned for a future episode, that gift entry will be disqualified.
  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59PM PST on Friday, December 11, 2009.
  • A poll will be taken from the entries that we thought were the best as well as feasible to get into the app. The top 3 winners of the poll will be receive the promocodes. In the event that the top 3 winners happen to be the sam individual, we will keep going down the poll results until 3 unique individuals have been selected. The top winner will be included in EP5.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

EP4: And Along Came Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy Has Been Submitted!

Last night we submitted Episode 4 of QuitIt! EP4 has a few Christmas themed items in it. So we're hoping we get approved before the Holidays are over! We also have a new minigame called Lumpy Bounce, which all our Beta testers have pretty much said it's the best one yet!

EP4 will also introduce tattoos that you can put on Lumpy as well! Oh, and who could forget Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy!? He's there too!

We'll also be starting on EP5 next week. We have some stuff already planned out. More deets on that soon!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Episode 3 - Lumpy's Best Friend is OUT!

At long last, EP3: Lumpy's Best Friend has finally been approved by Apple!

Here's a gameplay of Episode 3.

And just what's in EP3?
  • OpenFeint support with Leaderboards and over 40 Achievements!
  • A brand new minigame: Lumpy Hoops!
  • Over 25 Pokers to tease or please Lumpy with, including more Lumpy animations for ALAKAZAM!, BRAIN FOOD, WHO'S BAD?, and YE OLDE TURKEY LEG!
  • More than 20 Gifts, including more interactive Gifts. Be sure to check out Lumpy's new best friend, Zynx! Can you find out how to do all of his tricks?
  • More Accessories to dress Lumpy up in!
  • More Wacky Room Themes to buy!
  • Even more Achievements and Secrets!

If you already have a copy of QuitIt!, be sure to update it as soon as you can! If you don't have a copy of QuitIt!, why not pick it up and join the fun!?

If you like QuitIt!, please help us spread the word about our app so we can keep building even more Episodes! And remember that once you update, you can also update your review and rating!

EP4 iPhone Icons

Well, we're a bit torn on this. We have tie amongst everyone on what the newer icon for EP4: And Along Came Fuzzy Wuzzy will be. Lumpy suggested we post it up on his blog to see what you folks think.

Cast your vote for the icon you like in our poll on the right sidebar!

Lumpy in Sepia

This cool image was posted in our QuitIt! Beta testing group on Touch Arcade by Devilishly Good. Pretty cool looking, so I thought I'd share it with everyone!

Too bad Lumpy doesn't have a cowboy hat on. Hmmm ... not a bad idea for later on!