Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hoops Madness has been Submitted to Apple!

It's March Madness Time! And we know some fans are true diehards. They don't want some cutesy blue blob getting in the way of their basketball fever!

Being fans ourselves, we know that sometimes you want your game to be pure organic, non-corn fed goodness. And for this, we made Hoops Madness! A version of Lumpy Hoops without the Lumpy filler.

Checkout this sweet vid that our very own Hermanator crafted!

Hoops Madness was submitted to Apple last night!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celebrate March Madness with Lumpy Hoops!!

It's that time of year ... March Madness! Get your game on, when you're not watching the games! Grab yourself a copy of Lumpy Hoops today!

 Already own Lumpy Hoops? Find out just how you can score!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lumpy Hoops has been Approved!!

We just got the good word from Apple that Lumpy Hoops is now Ready For Sale. We marked the sale date in iTunes Connect for March 11, 2010. So starting from tomorrow, you can get a copy!

Not bad, considering we submitted late at night on Monday!

Lumpy Hoops Gameplay Video

Lookie at what we have here ... video action of Lumpy Hoops! Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lumpy Hoops has been Submitted!

After endless hours of test ... all for your hopefully soon to be playing enjoyment ... we finally submitted Lumpy Hoops to Apple!

Learning from the lessons of the first version of QuitIt!, we took more time to put the product in front of people to get their feedback. We also spent many an hour tuning the game to be fun game after game after game...

So what are the feature of Lumpy Hoops?

  • Time Mode: You've got 45 seconds to get as many points as possible!
  • Endurance Mode: Think you got what it takes? See how long you can play and how many points you can rack up!
  • Special Balls: Can you figure out how to use the Power, Money, and Atom balls to get even higher scores?
  • Global High Scores: Show the world how you DOMINATE by posting your scores on our Global Scores Tables!
  • Challenge A Friend: Want to show your buddy that you've got game? Send them a Challenge!
  • Facebook Connect: See just how much you own the court compared to your friends! Post to your wall from the game when you rule!
  • OpenFeint Support: Want to see how you're doing versus the OpenFeint community? You can do that too!

'Nuf with the purty talk ... how about some pixies that will speak a few thousand words!?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Introducing Lumpy Hoops!

As we indicated earlier, we've been working on a standalone version of Lumpy Hoops. This is an enhanced version of the Lumpy Hoops mini game already in QuitIt! We took the core game play of the mini game and added some new elements to it. This includes improved animations as well as special balls to help you get even higher scores! There are also 2 game mode: Timed and Endless (tentative names). Timed is a 45 second game. Endless lasts depending on how well you play. Unlike in the version in QuitIt!, the Endless mode in the standalone will keep giving you new Extra Time bonuses!

Lumpy Hoops is already in beta. We've been spending lot's of time tuning it. We have one more beta test group to go, and then we'll be submitting it to Apple!

We'll post more deets soon ... but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this screenie...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lumpy Loves Fan Art!

Lumpy loves fan art. He really does. And over the course of a few contests as well as random masterpieces conjured up by fans, we've assembled quite the collection of artwork. For the past few days, Lumpy has been reminding us over and over to get the Fan Art Page up. His usual demand for pho was replaced by saying over and over "Fan Art Page?".

Well the other day we were able to finally fulfill Lumpy's request. The Fan Art Page is up! Check out the slices of awesomeness here! You can also always use the link by clicking on the Fan Art image on the right side bar.

Lumpy would like thank all the of his fans that spent their time and efforts in producing those pieces of artwork!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lumpy Hoops is Coming Soon!

Happy New Years everyone! Okay, that message is coming out a bit late. And it's scary that were already halfway through January!

It's been a few weeks since we've last written something. Sorry for all that radio silence! We have been busy at work on things since the start of the new year. Over the next few days, we'll start to post more regularly, which includes posting the awesome pictures from our last contest!

One of the things we have been doing over the last few weeks is working on our new game. Well, it's not that new. It's a standalone version of Lumpy Hoops. For those of you that have QuitIt!, you may have already played it. It's basically a basketball style game where you try and score as much as you can using balls that are made out of Lumpy!

So what's different between the standalone version and what you have in QuitIt!? The standalone will have 2 game modes: Arcade and Pro. The Pro mode adds to the challenge by having you control the direction you are shooting. It also adds more power-ups and special balls to help gain even higher scores. While the QuitIt! version is capped, the standalone can last as long as you can imagine! Our very own Hermanator managed to play a 74 minute game!

Right now we are currently in Beta Testing with it, and are continually improving on the gameplay experience.

More details on that will be coming soon, as well as more deets on EP5!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lumpy's "Christmas is a Time for Having Fun" Contest Polls Opened

We hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas! Our apologies because we are a little late in posting things! We've opened our touchArcade thread open to the polls! The poll contests are listed below.

The names listed underneath the pictures correlate to the name in the poll. We apologize for the clunkiness of this, but we can't bind pictures directly will poll options. If you wish to vote, jump on over to our poll here! If you're not a member of touchArcade, you'll need to be one!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lumpy's "Christmas is a Time for Having Fun" Contest!

Well it's almost Christmas Time! Lumpy is quite excited about the idea of a fat man in a red suit coming down a chimney to give children gifts. He's especially excited that if the lil' kiddies are naughty, they get coal! Being the recipient of many a bad gift, I suppose Lumpy is just happy that he's not the only one that gets a bad gift or two. Or three...

Another thing Lumpy was noticing was that Christmas also seems to be a time where people get together and have fun. So he was thinking, why don't we have a contest just for fun? Okay, fun and promocodes. Since during this time of year, people often make things, he thought we could have a contest based around that. And just like that Lumpy's "Christmas is a Time for Having Fun" Contest was born.

This contest is about making a piece of artwork and then sharing that artwork with everyone! As usual, there will be two parts. The first part of the contest will be about making the artwork. From the entries we'll select finalists that people will be able to vote on for the actual winners. However, since this is not for something going into the game (at least right now), we're changing how the winners work for this one! We're only going to have two winners. The overall winner will get 2 promocodes to do with as they like. The second winner will receive 1 promocode.

So just what is this artwork we're talking about? The artwork has two requirements. It must be Holiday themed and include Lumpy. Other than that, it's totally up to you! We'll give extra consideration to pictures that incorporate wacky Gifts and Pokers. And of course ones that make us laugh!

Now onto a little something called Da Rules. Each contest we've had as of late has been quite the saga. We've had a rigged poll and then accusations of more poll rigging. And in our last contest, we had to get the moderators on touchArcade as well as issue several warnings about disqualifications.

Lumpy's Agent called in a crack team of lawyers to help us generate the rules for this one! But if you ask me, since we were low in bagels and coffee, I don't think they did quite the due diligence on them like we were expected.
  • An entry will be considered an individual piece of artwork. The artwork must contain at least the two following elements: a Christmas Holidays (this includes the other Holidays such as Hanukkah) theme and Lumpy.
  • Artwork that contains Gifts and Pokers will be given extra consideration.
  • Entries must be considered "clean". Anything deemed too graphic or profane will be disqualified.
  • You may submit as many entries as you want. Entries may be submitted through our touchArcade thread or by sending it to us at support at
  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59PM PST on Thursday, December 24, 2009.
  • A poll will be taken from the entries we thought were the best. The individual with the highest vote will win 2 promocodes. The second place individual will receive 1 promocode. It will be possible in this contest for one person to win all 3 promocodes!
We'll be amending the rules once the polls start!

Lumpy was so excited that he wanted to submit an entry himself.

We didn't have the heart to tell him yet that he can't enter!

Also remember that we're having a Holiday SALE on QuitIt! Help Lumpy celebrate his first Christmas on Earth by picking up a copy of QuitIt! QuitIt! will be on sale during the Holidays for only $0.99!

Only with your support can we continue to build the FREE updates!

So let's all get into the Holidays Spirit, put on our Creativity hats and have some fun!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Look Back at the "Christmas is the Time for Giving Gift" Contest

Ahh, the memories. We recently held a “Christmas is the Time for Giving Gift Contest” and looking back, it was all very exciting.

Although there was a bit of controversy; accusations were flying around, votes were thrown out, and we had to call in reinforcements from the big guys (thanks again touchArcade mods!); we also received some very creative artwork from our awesome fans! In the end, it was a very close contest with 1st and 2nd place separated by only one vote! Read more about it here.

Here is a look back at some of the art. BTW, we are planning to have a Fan Art page on the QuitIt! website.







and how could we forget this one?

Oh wait ... that was from another contest!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The "Lumpy Thinks Christmas is the Time For Giving Gifts Contest" Polls are Closed!

We are not quite sure what it is. But for some reason QuitIt! and contests go hand in hand with controversy. Back a few months in our Tale of the Tazer Voting, we actually had to have a recount! And our previous contest was also steeped in claims of vote tampering!

But this one has topped them all with multiple claims of scandals, votes that needed to be thrown out, as well as having to call out to the awesome mods on TouchArcade several times for assistance.

And the results of the poll after validating it for suspicious votes?

The top three winners were:

  • Robot - Mr Crazy (45)
  • Magic Carpet - hardcoregamer (44)
  • Egg that hatches into something good or bad - Devilishly Good (19)

Congratulations to you all! You each have won a promocode to QuitIt! And the Mr. Crazy's robot will also be the next interactive gift in EP5!

Honorable mentions go to our other finalists!

Black Hole - drelbs (17)
Play Dough - abruce42 (13)
Box of Flies - spidey146 (10)
Water Fuel Rocket - akame (7)
Toy Car - akame (6)

You had fantastic ideas as well.

Lumpy of course wants to thank everyone that participated in entering the contest, voting, and of course ... watching. He'd also like to give a special shout out of thanks to the TouchArcade moderators that helped us quite a bit. We're sorry for the inconveniences!

A few interesting poll stats!

Overall, there were 124 voters. This contest was the 3rd highest replied to and the 9th highest viewed thread in the Promo Code and Contest forum. I was surprised when I found this out!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Der-Kleine has Done it Again!

Der-Kleine is on a roll! He made this other piece of fan art for us!

Look Out Below!

One of the hilarious parts to this picture is what is written in the windows! Can you read it? Me thinks this could also possibly be a pretty fun minigame!!

Lumpy's Pizza Parlor!

There was some talk amongst our Beta Test Group about what EP5 would contain. Part of EP5 would be allowing you to interact with Lumpy more besides just poking him. The other was to also give you a different place to interact with Lumpy besides the Poketeria.

One of the ideas thrown out was to prepare different foods for Lumpy. Based on what you fed Lumpy, he'd have different reactions. And from this spawned the idea of making Lumpy a pizza! Now Lumpy's had pizza in the past. It was one of the first foods he found acceptable to eat. It's fair to say that Lumpy has slowly come to really like pizza! But that pizza was always prepared by a professional! So how will he react when we make him one?

So when talk of making pizza for Lumpy came around as an activity and location, everyone got excited. Enough to get us planning Lumpy's Pizza Parlor!

Now check out this slice of awesomeness! It was imported all the way over from Germany from Der-Kleine, one of our Beta Testers and member of TouchArcade!

Although you can't read it due to the size I had to scale the image so it would fit, that tomato sauce reads Dec '07. Poor little Lumpy is no doubt scared that his pizza has been laced with that expired sauce! Now you wouldn't do that to Lumpy.

Would you?