Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lumpy Hoops has been Submitted!

After endless hours of test ... all for your hopefully soon to be playing enjoyment ... we finally submitted Lumpy Hoops to Apple!

Learning from the lessons of the first version of QuitIt!, we took more time to put the product in front of people to get their feedback. We also spent many an hour tuning the game to be fun game after game after game...

So what are the feature of Lumpy Hoops?

  • Time Mode: You've got 45 seconds to get as many points as possible!
  • Endurance Mode: Think you got what it takes? See how long you can play and how many points you can rack up!
  • Special Balls: Can you figure out how to use the Power, Money, and Atom balls to get even higher scores?
  • Global High Scores: Show the world how you DOMINATE by posting your scores on our Global Scores Tables!
  • Challenge A Friend: Want to show your buddy that you've got game? Send them a Challenge!
  • Facebook Connect: See just how much you own the court compared to your friends! Post to your wall from the game when you rule!
  • OpenFeint Support: Want to see how you're doing versus the OpenFeint community? You can do that too!

'Nuf with the purty talk ... how about some pixies that will speak a few thousand words!?


  1. Lumpy Hoops has been submitted? What a good news! I salute Mobile Ben with cheers! The feature of the Lumpy Hoops sound so atractive and tempting. Lumpy Hoops, Lumpy Hoops, this is the game I like to play with. Good Luck with Apple.

  2. Bravo! Lumpy Hoops! Illustration of this game is awesome. It sounds fun and very educational for the children as well as adult. I'm predicting a big hit. Congratulations! You guys as a team have done a good job.

  3. Lumpy Hoops has a quickie mode and a endurance mode . Good! I can play quickie when I'm hurry and when i have enough time I will play endurance mode. Also when I want to exercise my power with money, I'll play Special Balls to satisfy my emotional hunger. And Lumpy Hoops you will get a global high score for the popularity game show. Cheers!

  4. I enjoy spots. Sports is a good way to play game!

  5. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. We hope you'll enjoy it once it's approved!

  6. It's approved! This game will be a big hit! It will be the famous global traveler.