Monday, January 18, 2010

Lumpy Hoops is Coming Soon!

Happy New Years everyone! Okay, that message is coming out a bit late. And it's scary that were already halfway through January!

It's been a few weeks since we've last written something. Sorry for all that radio silence! We have been busy at work on things since the start of the new year. Over the next few days, we'll start to post more regularly, which includes posting the awesome pictures from our last contest!

One of the things we have been doing over the last few weeks is working on our new game. Well, it's not that new. It's a standalone version of Lumpy Hoops. For those of you that have QuitIt!, you may have already played it. It's basically a basketball style game where you try and score as much as you can using balls that are made out of Lumpy!

So what's different between the standalone version and what you have in QuitIt!? The standalone will have 2 game modes: Arcade and Pro. The Pro mode adds to the challenge by having you control the direction you are shooting. It also adds more power-ups and special balls to help gain even higher scores. While the QuitIt! version is capped, the standalone can last as long as you can imagine! Our very own Hermanator managed to play a 74 minute game!

Right now we are currently in Beta Testing with it, and are continually improving on the gameplay experience.

More details on that will be coming soon, as well as more deets on EP5!


  1. Happy to hear from you again. Don't "Quitit"! Don't let us down.

  2. Thanks for the nice note! We're certainly not gonna QuitIt! Since we're really small, it makes juggling doing things pretty tough at times. There are some other things that we're integrating into Lumpy Hoops that we'll be pulling over into QuitIt! soon.

    We love working on it, so we'll be keeping at it :D! Besides, if we didn't, I'd be hearing the gentle sobbing of Lumpy all the time ... the kind I heard when he found out Oprah was retiring.

  3. Thank god you are gonna post more regularly, i almost thought you guys died! (seriously)

  4. Sorry to worry you. We're still alive and kicking. We apologize for being so quiet.

    Been working on our own networking system to house the high scores and stats so that we can incorporate it into Lumpy Hoops.

    We want to make sure that it is done correctly up front so that it will be expandable to our other upcoming/future games.

  5. As the Hermanator mentioned, we've been working on some network stuff for Lumpy Hoops. But plan on pushing that into QuitIt! some time soon! Since there are lots of little pieces to it, it's taking some time! Thanks for the nice comment tho!

  6. Please don't ignore the sleeping lion! they will be wilder than anything when they wake up. Your network is working for the BIG JUMP! Go go for it Lumpy ! The sun will shine over you!