Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lumpy Loves Fan Art!

Lumpy loves fan art. He really does. And over the course of a few contests as well as random masterpieces conjured up by fans, we've assembled quite the collection of artwork. For the past few days, Lumpy has been reminding us over and over to get the Fan Art Page up. His usual demand for pho was replaced by saying over and over "Fan Art Page?".

Well the other day we were able to finally fulfill Lumpy's request. The Fan Art Page is up! Check out the slices of awesomeness here! You can also always use the link by clicking on the Fan Art image on the right side bar.

Lumpy would like thank all the of his fans that spent their time and efforts in producing those pieces of artwork!


  1. Lumpy! We love ya! Wake up! We are counting on ya! I am sure your awesome artwork will shine over the whole world one day . Don't quit it!

    ~ Your secret admirer~

  2. Awww, Lumpy's blushing now.

    We're certainly not gonna QuitIt! In case you haven't heard, we are creating a stand alone Lumpy Hoops game. Right now, we are implementing our own networking system to store high scores and stats for Lumpy Hoops.

    Many thanks for your encouraging words. We are planning to work on the next episode soon. In the meantime, please help us to keep spreading the word about QuitIt!

  3. Thanks for the news! Lumpy Hoops sounds so great.I expect the best game ever. I appreciate you are trying so much to give us fun! ~Good Luck ~

  4. Lumpy Fan Art is a wonderful idea. their Artworks are great. By the way your game team is exellent. Your writer is great, your illustrator is great, your game idea and plan also is exellent , creative of course. Good luck you guys, you guys are the greatest!

  5. Thanks, we thought so too! However, Lumpy is sitting next to me saying "What about me?!!"

    What a prima donna ;)

  6. " What about me? " Lumpy?
    Without any doubt ,you are my hero. You are fun ,resilient, exciting, irresistible, sexy superstar! I cannot hardly sleep when I'm with you! Oh God Have a mercy on me! I cannot live without Lumpy. No need to be jealous!

  7. Good night Lumpy. Sleep tight and See you in the morning! I like to see your fresh cute look with new mighty idea.