Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lumpy's Pizza Parlor!

There was some talk amongst our Beta Test Group about what EP5 would contain. Part of EP5 would be allowing you to interact with Lumpy more besides just poking him. The other was to also give you a different place to interact with Lumpy besides the Poketeria.

One of the ideas thrown out was to prepare different foods for Lumpy. Based on what you fed Lumpy, he'd have different reactions. And from this spawned the idea of making Lumpy a pizza! Now Lumpy's had pizza in the past. It was one of the first foods he found acceptable to eat. It's fair to say that Lumpy has slowly come to really like pizza! But that pizza was always prepared by a professional! So how will he react when we make him one?

So when talk of making pizza for Lumpy came around as an activity and location, everyone got excited. Enough to get us planning Lumpy's Pizza Parlor!

Now check out this slice of awesomeness! It was imported all the way over from Germany from Der-Kleine, one of our Beta Testers and member of TouchArcade!

Although you can't read it due to the size I had to scale the image so it would fit, that tomato sauce reads Dec '07. Poor little Lumpy is no doubt scared that his pizza has been laced with that expired sauce! Now you wouldn't do that to Lumpy.

Would you?


  1. When do the beta Testers get this build?

  2. OMG diffrent zones!?! this is such an awesome idea! i really cant wait to see where this is going to go :D

  3. It was der-kleine idea for food mixing, but mine was pizza.

  4. @OhMyPocketGod we still need to build a lot of things. I'll know better soon.

    @inugo thanks! This will be first new area. But there will be more later on!

    @Mr Crazy you're all over pizza. Pizza pizza pizza!!