Monday, December 21, 2009

Lumpy's "Christmas is a Time for Having Fun" Contest!

Well it's almost Christmas Time! Lumpy is quite excited about the idea of a fat man in a red suit coming down a chimney to give children gifts. He's especially excited that if the lil' kiddies are naughty, they get coal! Being the recipient of many a bad gift, I suppose Lumpy is just happy that he's not the only one that gets a bad gift or two. Or three...

Another thing Lumpy was noticing was that Christmas also seems to be a time where people get together and have fun. So he was thinking, why don't we have a contest just for fun? Okay, fun and promocodes. Since during this time of year, people often make things, he thought we could have a contest based around that. And just like that Lumpy's "Christmas is a Time for Having Fun" Contest was born.

This contest is about making a piece of artwork and then sharing that artwork with everyone! As usual, there will be two parts. The first part of the contest will be about making the artwork. From the entries we'll select finalists that people will be able to vote on for the actual winners. However, since this is not for something going into the game (at least right now), we're changing how the winners work for this one! We're only going to have two winners. The overall winner will get 2 promocodes to do with as they like. The second winner will receive 1 promocode.

So just what is this artwork we're talking about? The artwork has two requirements. It must be Holiday themed and include Lumpy. Other than that, it's totally up to you! We'll give extra consideration to pictures that incorporate wacky Gifts and Pokers. And of course ones that make us laugh!

Now onto a little something called Da Rules. Each contest we've had as of late has been quite the saga. We've had a rigged poll and then accusations of more poll rigging. And in our last contest, we had to get the moderators on touchArcade as well as issue several warnings about disqualifications.

Lumpy's Agent called in a crack team of lawyers to help us generate the rules for this one! But if you ask me, since we were low in bagels and coffee, I don't think they did quite the due diligence on them like we were expected.
  • An entry will be considered an individual piece of artwork. The artwork must contain at least the two following elements: a Christmas Holidays (this includes the other Holidays such as Hanukkah) theme and Lumpy.
  • Artwork that contains Gifts and Pokers will be given extra consideration.
  • Entries must be considered "clean". Anything deemed too graphic or profane will be disqualified.
  • You may submit as many entries as you want. Entries may be submitted through our touchArcade thread or by sending it to us at support at
  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59PM PST on Thursday, December 24, 2009.
  • A poll will be taken from the entries we thought were the best. The individual with the highest vote will win 2 promocodes. The second place individual will receive 1 promocode. It will be possible in this contest for one person to win all 3 promocodes!
We'll be amending the rules once the polls start!

Lumpy was so excited that he wanted to submit an entry himself.

We didn't have the heart to tell him yet that he can't enter!

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Only with your support can we continue to build the FREE updates!

So let's all get into the Holidays Spirit, put on our Creativity hats and have some fun!!

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