Thursday, October 8, 2009

QuitIt! FAQ

Click on the links below to see more information on each topic!

What’s QuitIt!? Updated 10/08/09
Lumpy Updated 10/08/09
General Info Updated 10/08/09
General Gameplay Updated 12/11/09
Zynx Updated 12/17/09
Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy Updated 12/17/09
Where's My Stuff? Updated 1/21/10
Pokers Updated 12/11/09
Gifts Updated 12/11/09
Holidays Updated 10/08/09
Minigames Updated 10/08/09
Achievements and Secrets Updated 12/10/2009
Note: EMOJI is no longer available in QuitIt! It was removed at the request of Apple.

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