Monday, November 16, 2009

EP4 - And Along Came Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy - is Underway!

We haven't even finished archiving all our assets for EP3, and people are are already talking about EP4. Lumpy keeps asking what part he's going to play next. All the interns are asking when they can dress up Lumpy in next. And our Beta Testers are asking what gonna be in EP4?

EP4 production already started a couple weeks back. We tasked out some of EP4 assets to back then. And while we were resolving all of the OpenFeint issues last week, we had the other artists start up on the other assets.

And as for the feature set? I promised to tell the Beta Testers what they would be first!

Monday's EP4 Update Updated 11/23/2009!
EP4 Beta Testing is Underway! Updated 11/26/2009!
EP4: And Along Came Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy Has Been Submitted! Updated 12/05/2009
EP4 Gameplay Video Trailer! Updated 12/10/2009
A Very Merry Christmas from Apple! EP4 is now Ready for Sale!! Updated 12/11/2009


  1. wow it sounds like EP4 is allready well under way :D thats awesome! i seriously cant wait to see what you guys have in store for us :P even though EP3 isent even public yet, im allready looking forward to EP4 :D well anyway, thanks for all your hard work guys :P your all awesome!!

  2. Thanks! Working out some of the details for EP4 now. And ... some stuff for EP5 too ;)!