Thursday, November 19, 2009

Design an Accessory Contest Winners Revealed!

Earlier this week, we started a Design an Accessory Contest. After a couple of days of taking entries and a day of polls, we have our winners! For this contest, we had a lot of entries. Around 180 or so! This made narrowing down the field pretty difficult. In the end, we narrowed it down to these 10 finalists.

  • $ Sign Necklace (Claridosa)
  • Burger King King-ish Beard (Devilishly Good)
  • Dragon Tattoo (Mr. Crazy)
  • Durian Hat (drelbs)
  • Italian Mustache (5duc29)
  • Octopus Beard (spidey146)
  • Paper Hat (spidey146)
  • Pickelhaube (Devilishly Good)
  • Spikey Punk Har (Claridosa)
  • Star Sunglasses (Mr. Crazy)

And after some intense voting and some minor controversies over poll rigging ... again ... we got our 3 winners! The overall winner and new Accessory for EP4 is the Octopus Beard, submitted by spidey146. The two runners up were tied: $ Sign Necklace (Claridosa) and Durian Hat (drelbs).

And check out this bit of awesomeness ...

This started with a slice of awesomeness from drelbs. Then spidey146 pimpified ... or rather GIMPified ... it. Then Mr. Crazy asked about the dragon tat (4th place). And was modified once again by drelbs into this masterpiece honoring the top 4 spots! Although technically, Devilishly Good's Burger King King-ish beard should be shown since it was tied for 4th.

Lumpy fell out of his chair laughing when he saw this.

The one thing tho ... doesn't that dragon tattoo look like curl? Sorry Mr. Crazy!

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