Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daily Delish: Bún bò Huế

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day in San Francisco. Not the coldest it's been all week. But with the added element of rain, it somehow felt a bit colder. So when it came to lunch time, what did Lumpy want? Pho, of course!

Some of you may remember that our royal blueness finished the Pho Garden Challenge a little while back. And after that event, while he still demanded pho, it was at a bearable every other day. But as the weather has slowly gotten colder, the requests for it have increased.

So for lunch yesterday, we went to the Vietnamese restaurant down the street. Straying from our usual Phở Gà, I decided to pick another noodle soup that I had seen our audio engineer eat for myself.

This soup was Bún bò Huế, a vermicelli soup.

This soup was served with a side of delightfully spicy chili peppers that the owner told us were imported from Vietnam and then prepared by the chef here.

When Lumpy saw it come out and watched the expression on my face when I tried the side of chili, he instantly blurted out 「ランピーはPhở Gàがたべたくない。それはたべたい。」 Or roughly translated ... he didn't want to eat his Phở Gà anymore, but wanted what I ordered.

I'm assuming none of you have seen a blue blobby alien throwing a temper tantrum in a store, but let me tell you it is something you will never forget. And is something to avoid at all costs. Upon seeing his eyes slowly swell up with tears at the moment that his Phở Gà appeared, I knew I'd have to switch dishes with him.

Lumpy's verdict? 「辛いけどおいしいよ!」 or "It's spicy but delicious!". Well, I guess the upside is that we found something else he likes besides pho!

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