Saturday, December 12, 2009

The "Lumpy Thinks Christmas is the Time for Giving Gifts Contest" Polls are Open!

The time has come! We selected 8 entries as the finalists to be in our poll to see which Gift will show up in EP5. We tapped into the creative juices of our fans and got many great ideas! But in the end, there can only be 1!

Our finalists are narrowed down to

  • Black Hole - drelbs
  • Box of Flies - spidey146 (strangely appropriate for his name!)
  • Egg that hatches into something good or bad - Devilishly Good
  • Magic Carpet - hardcoregamer
  • Play Dough - abruce42
  • Robot - Mr Crazy
  • Toy Car - akame
  • Water Fuel Rocket - akame

The finalists were selected based on if we felt it could represented in the app well and whether or not we already didn't have a plan for it in the future.

To all those that submitted entries, we thank you for your participation!

Now is the time to rig ... errr vote! To vote ... go here!!!!

And and a special word to Boospengi! Your Rudolf toy idea was pure awesomeness. But since we'll be past Christmas, we didn't include it on the list! Lumpy hopes you understand!


  1. Vote robot or lumpy gets it >:-(!!!

  2. Im sure my rudolph idea could get in next year, you should put it on a to-do list so you don't forget :P