Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recount update: Tazer C wins by a LANDSLIDE!

Yes, we have a winner!

Now that we’ve had our recount of sorts for the Tazer design selection, design C wins with a landslide victory of 29 votes!

We know for certain that Lumpy didn’t tamper with the voting results this time, as he was too busy chilling with Miley Cyrus. Or was it the Hudgens? Hmmm? Ms. Green M&M?

In any event, Lumpy’s Agent has also assured us that our blue buddy was nowhere near a net connection yesterday. Or a chad for that matter. We know Lumpy was partial to design B, so we’re pretty sure he didn’t mess with the votes. We've also absolved Yas of any vote tampering, so he's off the hook (for now).

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the voting- especially the crew over at TouchArcade!

Now we can really get down to bidness and make Tazer C do its thang! :D

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